CatalystMR Real-time Reporting… and it’s $Free

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    CatalystMR Online and Mobile Survey Data Portal is just one of the many benefit of working with our company. Seamless integration with our online survey data collection system allows clients access to real-time survey top-lines, cross tab reports, graphs and charts, and real-time survey data, regardless of survey method.

    When scalability, price and speed counts, top researchers choose CatalystMR.

    Free Real-time Reporting Includes:

    • Graphs and Charts
    • Survey Frequencies
    • Survey Topline Reports
    • Survey Disposition Reports
    • Charts with Statistics
    • Drill Down
    • Survey Cross Tabs
    • Advanced Cross Tabs
    • Quota Monitoring
    • Real-time Raw Data Export: CSV, ASCII, SPSS, Excel…
    • Report Repository
    • Consolidate Open-ended Data
    • Logical Data Filter: The ability to create advanced filters and segments
    • View Multi-Country Data in an Aggregated Form, or View Geographies Individually
    • High Speed Data Filters

    So what are you waiting for? Try CatalystMR’s hassle free online bid form: click here