Online Survey Programming and Hosting Capabilities

Why depend on Tinker-Toys® when CatalystMR has online data collection and data processing workhorses like Kinesis, SPSS, CfMC, Sawtooth, and a secure, fast and reliable multimedia infrastructure supporting your research?

With CatalystMR’s programmers and project managers averaging 16+ years in the market research industry combined with our cutting edge technology and our high-end design team, you and your projects always receive the high touch, high service that CatalystMR is known for.

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    CatalystMR Features:

    • Complex Logic Capabilities – more
    • Real-time Reporting – more
    • Real-time Dashboards – more
    • Complex Data Tabulations – more
    • Conjoint Analysis – more
    • Multiple Language Surveys: All languages including double bite character sets like Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Hindi – more
    • Language Translation Services – more
    • Improved Online Survey Experience – more
    • Real-time Survey Quality Control and Error Checking – more
    • Image Protection – more
    • Video / Movie Trailers: Fast, Reliable, and Secure Hosting – more
    • Flash Development & Integration – more
    • True Mobile Survey Rendering & Integration – more

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